The Story of Brother Barrel

Breaking bread, building relationships, supporting our community, and celebrating the freshest ingredients our land, sea, and local craftsmen provide is our focus at Brother Barrel.

In addition to a well-curated list of rotating Barrel Aged Beers, we want to deliver the best craft cocktail we can. Our managers spent countless hours meeting with local distillers and distributers to bring you a thoughtfully composed selection of spirits.

A house made bread and charcuterie program are just a few of the delights you can look forward to from the kitchen. Our smaller plates will allow you to indulge is many different flavors while searching for your favorite pairing.


A common question we get asked often is “how did you come up with the idea of a barrel aged and sour beer bar and restaurant?” It’s a good question. Having been in the brewing and pub business for 20 years, we have seen a lot of changes happen within the industry. There have been things that stick like the proliferation of double IPA’s, and things that have faded, like fruit wheat beers. One thing that hasn’t changed is the maturing palate of beer drinkers and the ever growing passion of brewers to grow our craft.

Barrel aged and sour beers, in our humble opinion, are the next great adventure in US brewing and craft beer. Our brewing friends on the other side of the world have been putting beer on wood for centuries, and they do a mighty fine job. The road was paved by great breweries like Rodenbach or Cantillon, inspiring new American breweries like Allagash and Cascade Brewing…and now Elliott Bay Brewing Co.

So, the answer to the question is, we believe that these delightful sours and beautiful barrel aged beers are the next generation of beers that will pique the taste buds of our evolving beer drinking customers and our crazy fun loving brewers. What is coming out of our collective brewery cellars is nothing short of mesmerizing. Please open up your palette to these exciting beers. While they are not all for everyone, they are all amazing.